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About Me

Hi, thanks for visiting my site.

My name is Mandy Hernaez and I’m an illustrator and designer located in the Greater New Orleans area. After graduating with my B.A. in graphic design, my career began in advertising. I’ve been fortunate to create award-winning work for clients across diverse industries, from branding projects to custom illustration. Illustration, design and painting are my bread and butter—I enjoy every opportunity to create with my hands. I believe authenticity, trust and generosity are fundamental keys for success, and they are deeply woven into my business and every project. When I’m not hunched over a screen of some kind you can find me outdoors, enjoying live music and wine or cooking a recipe that I can’t pronounce.

Do you have a project that you’d like to collaborate on? Shoot me an email at to talk about how we can partner together.

Why Eyeroll

EyeRoll Creative is statement about being true to yourself and committing to authenticity in every action. As I was trying to decide on a name for my business, I was conflicted with finding something that would appeal to everyone while also aligning with my deepest core values. I had to roll my eyes at the very irony of that mission because I know that if you are digging deep enough, it won’t appeal to everyone—and I think there’s beauty in that. I landed on this name because it’s a statement about being brave enough to take risks, to go against the grain, to stand out and to ultimately be honest with yourself and roll your eye at being anything else.

Mandy is an incredible, versatile designer and a pleasure to work with!
— Luke Jones,Toucan Advertising
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