Hey There,

My name is Mandy; I’m an illustrator and designer. Creating is what comes most natural to me. This is credited to my conditions growing up. I am an only child—without many playmates in my area or young siblings to torture, I used my imagination to entertain myself. Fruit scented markers, a bucket of Legos and an Easy Bake oven were tools used to create my own world.

From drawing, painting, sculpting and designing on both analog and digital platforms to conceptual thinking and planning—I’m happy to say that my curiosity and thirst to create is still with me today. I have a special appreciation for illustration. It’s what I love to do and it gives me the ability to create something unique for any project.

Outside of creating work that pays bills, I'm usually experimenting with a new medium or developing a passion project. I also love to travel, listen to live music and cook recipes that I can't pronounce—usually with a real oven these days.

Responsive, easy to work with, polite and kind. I loved watching people watch her in her element. And I too enjoyed seeing the mural develop. I had such a good experience with Mandy!
— Emily Koehler, Findaway



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