Dental Arts of New Orleans

Gizelle Richard, DDS, Gabrielle Richard, DDS and Brent Benoit, MSD were re-branding their practice to be a “whole-mouth health” approach to dentistry and orthodontics. They are a premier, family-operated practice that blends the art and science of a beautiful smile.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality dental and orthodontic care available and to transform the lives of our patients in profound ways. We offer meticulous, uncompromising, state of the art dental and orthodontic care with a commitment to honoring every person we have the privilege to treat.

They wanted to steer clear from kitschy icons and imagery in reference to smiles or tooth clichés. Instead, the focus remains on the choice service and holistic approach. The logo is inspired by water which not only plays an essential role in dental hygiene, but also plays homage to their location on the West Bank. The mark, like the type, has tapered ends and curves — calling to mind a wave or toothpaste. The mint green not only emphasizes this, but also gives the logo a serenity that every patient wants to feel at the dentist.

This project was in partnership with Reneé LeBouef of Alyce Social.

Mandy Hernaez