Built for This Interactive Mural


About The Project

I was commission by Playaway Preloaded Products to do a live art installation at the 2018 American Library Association Annual Conference. This conference is a hub for passionate librarians and educators that are advocates for literacy and impacting lives. 

The event showcased authors, illustrators, publishers, institutions, highly credible speakers and other great resources for libraries. Playway Preloaded Products, a technological resource, makes it simple to circulate audiobooks, eBooks, videos, interactive learning tools, and apps on pre-loaded devices.

Since Playaway Products are built for librarians, we asked attendees the question “How are you built for being a librarian?”

BuiltForThis (37 of 38).jpg

Throughout the event I illustrated their answers on a giant 8' x 16' white wall. We had answers like “Libraries saved my life as a teenager” and “I’m passionate about teaching and helping others.” Hearing everyone’s story was amazing and I’m thankful for the opportunity to share in this experience with them.

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Story after story proved that libraries are more than a place to do research or grab a book—they are a place for community.


The "Built For This" headline was sketched and outlined prior to the event, and the surrounding illustrations were drawn and colored in real time. Participants then provided their contact information to receive a high resolution photograph of finished wall where they could see their quote illustrated.

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