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It isn't a revolutionary idea that social media has changed the landscape for businesses but it is a revolution in itself. It started on the internet and then spilled out everywhere else—in nature, in restaurants, retail stores even in the contemporary art world. “Made-for-Instagram” exhibits, "Retailtainment" and experiential marketing trends all validate that "made for social" is here to stay.

Art is an effective way to captivate your audience and drive social engagement.


  • User Generated Content

  • Increased Foot Traffic

  • Increased Exposure to Brand Message

  • Investment in The Arts

A 2017 global study by Unilever found one-third of consumers buy from brands based on their social and environmental impact. Beyond a product or service, people want to know the narrative and impact it has on the world.




Illustration is a dynamic tool for any and every brand. Because illustration is based on ideas rather than a concrete reality, it allows you to convey complex emotions and messages in a style that is unique to your brand. 

Illustration has the ability to reimagine reality in a way that is familiar yet delightfully uncommon, which makes it particularly useful when an idea is difficult to explain. It’s a powerful way to cut through distractions and relate complex emotions quickly.

-Micah Bowers, Designer
Brand Illustration 101: Visualizing the Narrative




From one-off projects to full re-branding efforts—digital to print, I'm happy to help with your design, projects and logo projects.


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