Murals & Events

It isn't a revolutionary idea that social media has changed the landscape for businesses but it is a revolution in itself. It started on the internet and then spilled out everywhere else—in nature, in restaurants, retail stores even in the contemporary art world. “Made-for-Instagram” exhibits, "Retailtainment" and experiential marketing trends all validate that "made for social" is here to stay.

Art is an effective way to captivate your audience and drive social engagement.


  • User Generated Content

  • Increased Foot Traffic

  • Increased Exposure to Brand Message

  • Investment in The Arts



Illustration is a dynamic tool for any and every brand. Because illustration is based on ideas rather than a concrete reality, it allows you to convey complex emotions and messages in a style that is unique to your brand. 

Illustration has the ability to reimagine reality in a way that is familiar yet delightfully uncommon, which makes it particularly useful when an idea is difficult to explain. It’s a powerful way to cut through distractions and relate complex emotions quickly.

-Micah Bowers, Designer
Brand Illustration 101: Visualizing the Narrative



Your brand identity is made up of the pieces and assets that tell the who, what and why of your brand story. Let’s make them tell your story in a clear, compelling, and convincing way.

The Benefits of a Rebrand

  • Better communicate your vision and values 

  • Flaunt your true personality

  • Connect meaningfully to your audience 

  • Create memorability through consistency

  • Instill trust and promote loyalty 

  • Carve a niche in a crowded industry  

  • Prove the value of your services

  • Put your competition on the ropes

  • And so much more